Ripping and Encoding Music CDs

I have found two very impressive tools for ripping and encoding music CDs. The first tool is cdparanoia. Cdparanoia is a tool for ripping CDs. There are two features of the tool that really stand out. First, it uses extensive error correction, which helps to correct damaged CDs as well as mitigate performance penalties caused by low-quality CD-ROM drives. Second, it rips CDs directly as data. There is no analog conversion step.

The second tool is abcde (a better CD encoder). Abcde is a script that interfaces with several other tools to perform CD ripping, encoding, and CDDB tagging. The great thing about abcde is that you can configure it to use preferred tools for ripping and encoding, including: cdda2wav, cdparanoia, oggenc, vorbize, lame, gogo, bladenc, mp3enc, xingmp3enc, l3enc, among others. You can configure it to encode to mp3, ogg, and other formats. Configuring abcde is as simple as editing .abcde.conf in your home directory. After abcde is configured, you can rip and encode a CD simply by placing it in your CD-ROM drive and issuing the abcde command.

~ by Ryan Lefever on January 24, 2006.

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