Dialog-less Find in Konqueror

From time to time, I use the Konqueoror browser/file explorer. Its ability to browse remote files systems through the fish protocol (using ssh) is very powerful. However, one problem that I’ve had with Konqueror is the annoying find dialog box, which gets in the way when you’re trying to search for text within a webpage. I recently came across two solutions to the problem, which unfortunately don’t seem to be well documented.

  • A web page can be searched using the search box in the upper right hand corner of the browser. In the search box, the search engine can be changed to “Find in This Page,” to search the current page rather than the web. I was actually aware of this option, but I could never figure out how to find the next instance of the search text, after the first instance was found. I recently discovered if you press F3, it will go to the next instance of the search text.
  • The second option, which can be done with out a mouse, is to press / and then type the text for which you are searching. Again, to find the next instance of the search text, hit f3.

~ by Ryan Lefever on March 15, 2007.

One Response to “Dialog-less Find in Konqueror”

  1. Some of the other vi style keys seem to work too such as j and k to scroll up and down

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