Flash and Java Browser Plugins on AMD64 Ubuntu 7.04

I recently put Ubuntu 7.04 on a machine with an AMD Athlon 64-bit processor. One of the immediate challenges with just about every 64-bit Linux Distribution is getting Flash and Java browser plugins to work. I found an excellent howto that provides a script to install a 32-bit version of Firefox (and a few other Firefox variants) with plugins for Flash, Java, and mplayer.

Note, in lieu of this approach, you can use a 64-bit browser and install nspluginwrapper to support a 32-bit Flash plugin, as I discuss here. As for Java, you can install a Blackdown Java and a 64-bit Blackdown Java browser plugin through the Synaptic package manager.

Note, if you use CUPS for printing, the printing system will be 64-bit and will not work with your newly installed 32-bit browser. An easy workaround is to print to a postscript or pdf file. Then you can open the file with a 64-bit postscript or pdf viewer and print the file. The default postscript and pdf viewers are 64-bit unless you’ve explicitly changed them.

~ by Ryan Lefever on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “Flash and Java Browser Plugins on AMD64 Ubuntu 7.04”

  1. This approtch is really bad. It causes many issues regarding package versions and future installation and upgrading of your 64 bit packages.

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