Firefox Add-ons I Recommend

This is a list of firefox add-ons that I use and find very useful.  I will update this entry if I find other very useful add-ons or if the ones of this list lose favor with me.

  • Download statusbar: This add-on creates a status-bar at the bottom of the browser to manage downloads, rather than popping up a separate window to manage them, as firefox normally does. Not only does the status-bar save screen real estate, but it also keeps the download manager out of your way.
  • NoScript: This is a great add-on for managing which sites can run java, and javascript.  It does this by assuming that a site is forbidden from running java and javascript unless you add the site to a whitelist.  Not only is this add-on good from a security point of view, but it also helps limit how annoying a website can be.
  • Swift tabs: Firefox has integrated lots of the support that tabbing add-ons provide, but it still does not have support for keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs.  This add-on allows you assign such shortcuts.
  • Snap links: This allows you to use the mouse to draw a rectangle around a group of links on a website, that you wish to view, and each of those links will be opened in separate tabs. This is particularly useful when using search engines.

~ by Ryan Lefever on May 21, 2008.

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