Using ATI Tray Tools in Windows 7

ATI Tray Tools (ATT) is a fantastic tool maintained by Ray Adams for configuring ATI graphics cards.  The amount of configuration options that it provides compared to the standard ATI Catalyst Control Center (CCC) is quite remarkable.  If you do any serious Windows pc gaming with an ATI graphics cards, then ATT is a must have.  In order to use ATT with Windows 7, there are two things you need to know.

  1. Drivers must be signed to use them in Windows 7.  ATT uses unsigned drivers, most likely because driver signing costs money, and Ray Adams is giving ATT away for free!  So, if you want to use ATT, then you need to disable the driver signing requirement in Windows 7.  You can find instructions for doing so at
  2. In my experience, you need to use the latest beta of ATT if you’re using it with Windows 7.  You can download the latest beta from:  Being a security guy, if some posted an odd link like the one I just posted, I’d be a little leery that it was valid.  So I’ll post a link to the thread where Ray states the location of the latest ATT beta:

~ by Ryan Lefever on January 23, 2010.

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