SiLT: simple Linux tools

I’ve started a new open source project called SiLT. You can find it at It is a collection of Linux tools that I find useful. For example, it contains:

  • runcmd: A tool to run other commands with many useful options. runcmd is particularly useful for running experiments. Supported options include
    • Setting a timeout value for the spawned command.
    • Setting the cpu affinity.
    • Recording the spawned command’s exit value and resource usage to a file.
  • grep-recursive: A tool that combines grep and find to perform a recursive grep. It allows options such as only searching in files with specific file types. For example, a developer may only want to search in .h, .c, and .cpp files.
  • replace: A tool that performs global replacements in files, for those that don’t know sed/awk.
  • getctypeinfo: A program that prints out the number of bits in and the min and max values of many common C types.

~ by Ryan Lefever on August 9, 2011.

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